Past Winners

Here are the Past Winners of The Burton on Trent Competitive Vocal Festival…

Festival 14:    2017

Class 1 10 years of age and under
Megan Hambleton I Know Things Now
Sam Evans UFO Blues
Camille Smith The Skylark
Class 2 11 to 14 years. Show Song
Sam Horton A Brown Bird Singing
Naomi King Close Thine Eyes
Laili Khan Path to the Moon
Class 3 10 years of age and under Show Song  
Camille Smith We’re Off to see the Wizard
Tara Marashi Truly Scrumptious
Megan Hambleton Naughty
Class 4 11 to 14 years Show Song  
Sam Horton Les Poissons
Naomi King My House
Grace Hull Castle on a Cloud
Class 5 15 to 16 years Show Song  
Megan Reed I Have Dreamed
Molly Chambers Hello Young Lovers
Class 6. 15 years of age and under Classical Song  
Nadia Potter Rune of Hospitality
Stephanie Addison Where’er You Walk
Molly Chambers Spring & Sorrow
Class 7. 15 to 18 years Classical Song  
Alisha Khan Young Love Lies Sleeping
Sophie Benfield Quella fiamma che m’accende
Ewan Bourne Linden Lea
Class 8. Folk Song. Traditional. Unaccompanied  
Ewan Bourne Down by the Salley Gardens
Sam Horton Skye Boat Song
Megan Reed The Water of Tyne
Class 9. Foreign Language Open  
Alisha Khan Still wie die Nacht
Annabelle Pepper Verborgenheit
Gillian Von Fragstein Air Champetre. No 2 Air Chantes
Class 10. 17 years of age and over Show Song  
Alexandra Beason I have confidence
Ewan Bourne Proud of Your Baby
Sharon Plummer I Never Knew His Name
Class 11. Open Classical including Operatic or Oratorio Aria  
Alice Chambers Ah! Belinda
Annabelle Pepper Nobles seigneurs salut!
Gillian Von Fragstein Tecum Principium
Class 12. Gilbert and Sullivan Own Choice  
Annabelle Pepper I’m Called Little Buttercup
Katie Wood Were I Thy Bride
Alisha Khan Poor Wandering One
Class 13. Recital Class Open  
Annabelle Pepper Pur dicesti o’bocca bella
  The Sky Above the Roof
  O mio Fernando
Alexandra Beason Che faro senza Euridice
  Du Ring an meinem finger
  It was a lover
Nadia Potter Amarilli, mia bella
  Du bist die Ruh
  I Got Rhythm
Class 14. Duet 18yrs. and under Own Choice  
A & L Khan Chim Chim Cher-ee
S Bailey & A Frost What a Wonderful World
E Cook & A Middleton Drunken Sailor
Class 15 Duet Open Own Choice  
C Mott & A Glover Over the Rainbow
A Pepper & S Plummer Barcarolle
G Hair & E Arnoux For Good
Class 16 Junior Ensemble Own Choice  
Cantabile The Lily and the Rose
Voce Jnr Bring him Home
Vocalise I’m Goin’ up a Yonder
Class 17 Open Ensemble Own Choice  
St Wystans Sch. Staff & Parent Choir California Dreaming
Cantabile Wherever You Are
Dolce Dreamer
Class 18 Jazz Solo Open  
Annabelle Pepper Nice Work If You Can Get It
Sharon Plummer If You Love Me
Rachael Histed Stormy Weather
Class 19 Contempory Commercial Music Own Choice  
Amy Glover Can’t Help Falling in Love
Emilie Arnoux I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Lilly Prince I, Who Have Nothing
Class 20 Age 60 yrs and over Own Choice  
Jean Edwards I Dreamed a Dream
Jeff Hurd The Cloths of Heaven



Festival 13 2016  
Overall Junior Award Sam Horton  
Overall Senior Award Alexandra Beason  
Mabel Millin Award Wil Pearson  
Marilyn Baker Award Amy van Walsum  
Duet Over 19 years Sharon Plummer & Jo Cresswell  
Duet Under 19 years Wil Pearson & Ollie Last  
Junior Ensemble Under 19 years Cantabile  
Senior Ensemble Burton Musical Theatre Co.  
Gilbert & Sullivan Open Jean Edwards  
Jazz Solo Open Sharon Plummer  
Foreign Language Open Alexandra Beason  
Classical Open Alexandra Beason  
Open Recital Alexandra Beason  
Show Song Under 11 years Anna Milne  
Show Song 12-16 years Anya Prabhakar  
Show Song 12-16years Sam Horton  
Over 17 Show Song Alexandra Beason  
Folk Open Stephanie Addison  
11-12years Own Choice Isabelle Jones  
15-21 Classical Song Alexandra Beason  
Under 15 Classical Song Sam Horton  
Under 11 years George Moore  
CCM open Emilie Arnoux  



Festival 12 2015
Overall Jun Vocalise
Overall Sen Will Pearson
Marylin Baker award Alisha Khan
Mabel Millen award Georgia Hair
Duet Clair Mott & Amy Glover
Duet – under 19 Shannon Robinson & Emma Carter
Ensemble OCHO  
G&S Alisha Khan
Jazz solo Will Pearson
Jun Ensemble Vocalise
Language Natella Atkins
Open Opera or Oratorio Sharon Plummer
Recital Annabelle Pepper
Show Song 11 years and Under Megan Hambleton
Show Song 12-16 years Georgia Hair
Show Song Over 17 Amy Glover
Trad unaccompanied folk Song Ewan Bourne
Under 12 Sam Horton  
Under 21 Classical Sam Horton
Contemporary Commercial Music
Laura Prince



Festival 11 2014  
Overall Jun Sam Horton  
Overall Sen Sharon Plummer  
Marylin Baker award Alisha Khan  
Mabel Millen award Wil Pearson  
Duet Clair Mott & Laura Prince Over the Rainbow
Duet – under 19 Emma Cook & Lilly Prince Humpty Dumpty
Ensemble All That JASS For Now
G&S Georgia Dennis Sir Rupert Murgatroyd
Jazz solo Sharon Plummer Love For Sale
Jun Ensemble Mini Mellows When I Grow up
Language Annabelle Pepper Ganymed
Open Opera or Oratorio Anna Rose The Cloths of Heaven
Recital Annabelle Pepper  
Show Song 11 years and Under Megan Hambleton Maybe
Show Song 12-16 years Wil Pearson Jack’s Lament
Show Song Over 17 Jack Hawkins When Words Fail
Trad unaccompanied folk Song Gillian von Fragstein The Cuckoo
Under 12 Sam Horton Danny Boy
Under 21 Classical Alisha Khan Gathering Daffodils



Festival 10 2013  
Overall Jun Ed Robinson  
Overall Sen Lee Smith  
Marylin Baker award Ruth Dews  
Mabel Millen award ???  
Duet Sharon Plummer & Andy Last Something
Duet – under 19 Pearson Bros Trail of Lonesome Pine
Ensemble All That Jass Scarborough Fair
G&S Laura Prince Sir Rupert Murgatroyd
Jazz solo Sharon Plummer Someday my Prince
Jnr Show 14 – 18 yrs Ed Robinson If I Can’t Love Her
Jnr Show under 14 yrs Wil Pearson One More Angel in Heaven
Jun Ensemble CGS Teens Seasons of Love
Language Annabelle Pepper Les berceaux
Open Opera or Oratorio Annabelle Pepper Stride la vampa
Recital Sharon Plummer  
Show Senior Lee Smith That Face
Under 12 Alisha Khan She’s Like the Swallow
Under 21 Classical Emma Cook The Owls


Festival 9 2012  
Overall Jun J Taylor Barbershop  
Overall Sen Sharon Plummer & Jo Cresswell  
Mabel Millen award Ed Robinson  
Duet Sharon Plummer & Jo Cresswell Some Things are meant
Duet – under 19 J Hawkins & E. Robinson Lily’s Eyes
Ensemble Friday’s Friends Clare Benediction
G&S Anais Seagar O Goddess Wise
Jnr Show 14 – 18 yrs Jack Hawkins Music of the Night
Jnr Show under 14 yrs Wil Pearson Butterfly
Jun Ensemble J Taylor Barbershop Coney Island Baby
Language Kirsten Lloyd Leach Ganymede
Novice Folk Sophie Towns Fidgety Bairn
Open Opera or Oratorio Annabelle Pepper Lascia
Recital Sharon Plummer  
Show Senior Andy Last Til I Hear You Sing
Under 12 Ewan Bourne Danny Boy
Under 21 Classical Jack Hawkins Flow My Tears


Festival 8 2011  
Overall Jun Overall Jun Kirsten Lloyd Leach
Overall Sen Overall Sen Fridays Friends
Duet Sharon Plummer & Andy Last Send in the Clowns
Duet – under 19 Josie & Katie For Good
Ensemble Jass meets 3’s Company Autumn Leaves
G&S Kirsten Lloyd Leach Poor Wandering One
Jnr Show 14 – 18 yrs Kirsten Lloyd Leach Romance
Jnr Show under 14 yrs Ewan Bourne Electricity
Jun Ensemble HKHMS Matchmaker
Language Maisy Hepburn Quella fiamma
M. Millen Jack Hawkins  
Novice Folk Helena Stone Shenandoah
Open Opera or Oratorio Kirsten Lloyd Leach Farewell ye limpid
Recital Sharon Plummer  
Show Senior Sharon Plummer Summer in Ohio
Under 12 Francess Talbot I Feel Pretty
Under 21 Classical Ed Robinson O Mistress Mine


Festival 7 2010  
Overall Jun Ed Robinson  
Overall Sen Sharon Plummer & Andy Last  
Duet Sharon Plummer & Andy Last Dangerous Game
Duet – under 19 Katie Leadbetter & Josie What is This Feeling
Ensemble Dolce Music of the Night
G&S Stephanie Pattison Tis done I am a bride
Jnr Show 14 – 18 yrs Georgina Jones Someone Elses Story
Jnr Show under 14 yrs Sam Pearson This is the Moment
Jun Ensemble Grant’s Gang You Can’t Stop the Beat
Language Stephanie Pattison Apres une Reve
Novice Folk Ed Robinson The Water is Wide
Open Opera or Oratorio Debbie Lamley With Plaintive Notes
Recital Debbie Lamley  
Show Senior Lee Smith Close Every Door To Me
Under 12 Alisha Khan Do Re Mi
Under 21 Classical Aiko Miyomoto Quando men vo


Festival 6 2009  
Overall Jun Josh Andrews  
Overall Sen Burton Operatic Society  
Duet Andy Last & Steve Foster You’re Nothing Without Me
Ensemble Burton Operatic Society Hallelujah
G&S Harriet Eyley Tis Done
Jnr Show 14 – 18 yrs Josh Andrews Larger Than Life
Jnr Show under 14 yrs Wesley Eyley Leaning on a lamppost
Jun Ensemble Weir Lads There is Nothing Like a dame
Language Eleanor Gill Jeune fillettes
Novice Folk Ewan Bourne Home on the Range
Open Opera or Oratorio Harriet Eyley Una donna
Recital Jean Mason  
Show Senior Sharon Plummer Loose Ends
Under 12 Kathryn Monteiro Mr Mouse
Under 21 Classical Harriet Eyley Her Song


Festival 5 2008  
Overall Sharon Plummer  
Duet Sharon Plummer & Andy Last Come What May
Ensemble All That Jass Bohemian Rhapsody
G&S Jean Mason The hours Creep on
Jnr Show 14 – 18 yrs Jesse Giuliani I Got Plenty o Nuttin
Jnr Show under 14 yrs Natalie Brown Typically English
Jun Ensemble The Wallences Strange Adventure
Language Harriet Eyley Lascia
Novice Folk Ellen Holmes Steal Away
Open Opera or Oratorio Jean Mason Vissi d’arte
Recital Harriet Eyley  
Show Senior Sharon Plummer As if we Never Said Goodbye
Under 12 Emma Carter Part of Your World
Under 21 Classical Tim Lawrence La donna e Mobile


Festival 4 2007  
Overall Burton Operatic Society  
Duet Clair Thompson Laura Prince You’ll Never Walk Alone
Ensemble Burton Operatic Society On my Own
Jnr Show 14 – 18 yrs Harriet Eyley How Lovely to be a woman
Jnr Show under 14 yrs Maisy Hepburn I Feel Pretty
Language Tim Lawrence Spirito gentil
Novice Folk Chloe Godrich Salt Johnnie Has Gone For a Soldier
Open Opera or Oratorio Harriet Eyley Quella fiamma
Recital Tim Lawrence  
Show Senior Lee Smith Gigi
Under 12 Sian Plummer Bessie the Black Cat
Under 21 Classical Harriet Eyley I wandered lonely


Festival 3 2006  
Overall Jack Slatter  
Duet Loxton & Rudebeck Song for St Cecilia
Ensemble Burton Operatic Society Sit Down You’re
Jnr Show 12-16 yrs Laura Prince Man Wanted
Language Jill Hatton None But
Novice Folk Anton Hilton A Roving
Open Opera or Oratorio Ben Lathbury Si tra I Ceppi
Recital Marilyn Baker  
Show Senior Jack Slatter Why God Why
Under 12 Maisy Hepburn I Could have danced
Under 21 Classical Emma Monteiro A Green Cornfield


Festival 2 2005  
Overall Burton Operatic Society  
Duet ??? ???
Ensemble Burton Operatic Society Bring Him Home
Jnr Show 12-16 yrs Taya Smith Think of Me
Novice Folk Sian Forbes Danny Boy
Open Opera or Oratorio Charlotte Derry O del mio dolce
Over 16 Classical Ruth Leavesley Si mes Vers
Show Senior Andy Last This is the Moment
Under 12 Emma Monteiro Bubble Song
Under 21 Classical Charlotte Derry Foxgloves


Festival 1 2004  
Overall Andy Last  
Duet Sharon Plummer & Jean Mason Lakme Duet
Jnr Show 12-16 yrs Becky Winfield(Stewart) Can’t Say No
Over 16 Classical Ruth Leavesley Pur dicesti
Show Senior Andy last If I Were a Rich man
under 12 Harriet Eyley Eriskay Love Lilt
Under 21 Classical Tim Lawrence Music For A While



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